In addition to my replica race jackets I have a growing collection of original race jackets, period riding gear and classic speedway bikes that I display at shows, rallies, events and meetings around the country.  My philosophy is to share my display with the public rather than hide it away in a personal collection.

Mannequins show how the riding gear has changed throughout the decades – from the black leathers, pudding basin helmets and gas goggles of the 1950’s; through the coloured leathers, Bell helmets and monkey masks of the 1970’s and 80’s; to the kevlar race suits of today.

My display also includes the bikes I remember from when I first saw speedway at Ipswich – a 1950’s Rotrax JAP; 1970’s 2-valve Jawa; and an early 1980’s Weslake.  

The display is completed by a selection of rider leathers and race suits, original and replica race jackets, and other speedway memorabilia including period race posters.  Photos taken from some of my show displays can be viewed in the Gallery section of the website.  

I’m also pleased to support The Sporting Memories Foundation by taking items from my collection to local groups and chatting about the good old days of speedway.  The Sporting Memories Foundation is a charity that supports older people across the UK living with dementia, depression and loneliness by engaging them with social activities and helping them recall memories of watching or playing sport (   

If you are interested in having my display at your event or have any old race jackets, leathers or other riding gear that I could add to my collection (either to purchase or on loan) please get in touch.


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