I provide a personal bespoke service to ensure that you will get the race jacket you want, whether its for your speedway collection, on-track use or bought as a gift.  I only make race jackets to order and do not build up stocks of ‘popular’ race jackets for sale at events or online.  This means I can work closely with you to identify, research and make the specific and correct race jacket for your chosen team, rider, year or meeting.

Many of my race jackets have been used for vintage racing, amateur racing and track days, including the ex-professional and enthusiast riders with the ‘Blast From The Past’ vintage troupe.  If a race jacket is required for on-track use I can make the shoulder and side straps slightly longer to fit over modern race suits or if you are not quite as slim as the riders were in their prime.  I can also make an accurate replica of your original race jacket if you’d like to protect it from the wear and tear of the track.  

In addition I undertake commissions for original designs and will work with you to create the unique race jacket you require.  Examples of previous commissions can be viewed in the Gallery section of this website.

Finally, and where practically possible, I can undertake the sympathetic restoration of original race jackets, including the re-stitching of loose designs, repairing damaged material, replacing broken or missing straps, and ‘track ageing’ new material so it blends in with the original.  Restoration options are identified, discussed and agreed with the customer before any work is carried out to ensure originality is maintained wherever possible.  Examples of some race jacket restorations are shown in the Gallery section of this website.


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